Solar Blankets vs Solar Panels

What are the major differences and advantages between Solar Panels or the more portable Solar Blanket?

Solar Panels

Solar Panels come in two different styles; portable or fixed.

Portable Solar Panels – are a great option if you are on a tight budget. They can be heavier and bulkier than other solar panels, but if you only use them occasionally and don’t plan on moving them often then they are a great option. A big advantage of portable solar panels is that they are easy to setup and you can use them to “chase” the sun and angle them for the optimum amount of sunlight.

Fixed Solar Panels – are the perfect set and forget option. They are generally installed on the roof, which means that at some times of the day they are not in the sun perfectly.

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Solar Blankets

Solar blankets are the perfect option for frequent travelers who are keen to save on weight and space. Solar blankets are more expensive than solar panels, but they are high quality and have excellent durability. Convenience is the best feature of a solar blanket as you can set it up anywhere.

Solar Blankets vs. Solar Panels

Weekend Campers – Portable solar panels will be the best option, as they are easy to setup and less expensive.

Frequent Travellers – Solar blankets are the way to go. Solar blankets are lighter and easier to store, if you are someone who is constantly moving from place to place never staying long, then this is perfect for you.

Fixed Dwelling – Fixed Solar Panels will suit you best. They are cost effective, easy to use and simple to setup.