Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

Here are our top tips for keeping your fridge working at it maximum potential.

  • Defrost your Fridge Regularly
    • The best maintenance tip, is to defrost you fridge regularly. Frost reduces the refrigerating capacity and life of your fridge.
    • How often should you defrost your fridge? The general rule of thumb is to look at the frost build up at the back of your fridge. Aim to defrost as soon as the frost layer is about 3mm thick. Remember, just because the manufacturer says the fridge has “auto defrost” doesn’t mean they’re frost-free. You should still take the time to defrost it if needed.
    • How to defrost:
      • Remove all food and drinks
      • Switch off the fridge
      • Leave the fridge door open
      • Place a few towels inside the fridge to absorb water
      • You can speed up the defrosting process by placing trays of hot water inside the fridge and/or freezer.
      • Do not use sharp objects to chip off the frost and definitely do not use a hair dryer!
      • Once fully defrosted, use a cloth to dry out the inside of your fridge and turn it back on
  • Keep it Clean
    • The cleaner you keep your fridge, the longer it will last. A good time to clean your fridge is after defrosting. You can use a soft cloth and a mild detergent. Also while cleaning the interior of your fridge, you should also clean and check the door seals.
  • Check the Door Locking Mechanism
    • If the door does not close properly, you will start to notice a rapid build-up of frost, this will quickly affect the performance of the fridge. The simplest way to check if the door is closing properly is to place a piece of paper between the door and the fridge, then close the door. Try to pull out the piece of paper, if you feel any resistance or it will not pull out, then you door is closing properly. If the paper pulls out with no resistance at all, then your door is not closing properly.
  • Use a Fridge Cover
    • If you have a portable fridge and a cover is available for your model, then we recommend using the cover. The cover adds an extra layer of protection to prevent scratches and dents. The cover will also help insulate the fridge when in use and stop it from working harder than it needs to. It will also help prevent dust and debris from getting into the compressor.
  • Let your Fridge run for a day
    • Some manufacturers recommend that if you only use your fridge for a couple of weeks at summer, then once a month you turn it on for a day. This allows for all internal working parts to stay oiled and lubricated and helps prevent any problems from occurring when you want to use it.
  • Check the Installation/Instruction Manual
    • Some manufacturers may recommend annual, monthly or weekly maintenance checks for your fridge. Read the instruction manual so that you are aware of any such requirements, if these are not followed this may void the warranty.