Maintaining your Caravan Air Conditioner

You caravan aircon unit is your most treasured piece of gear in the middle of summer. You flick the switch and expect it to keep your caravan at the temperature you desire.

But unlike your air-con unit at home, your caravan aircon unit is travelling along dusty roads, gathering dirt, debris and salt at every turn. So, if you want to make sure it keeps working at its most efficient, you need to give it regular TLC.


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Here are 4 easy steps to keep your caravan aircon unit working at its best:

Step #1. Clean your caravan aircon unit regularly

Your caravan air conditioning unit collects dust and dirt with every trip, so it’s critical to clean it properly on a regular basis. This means a deep clean every year, where you get into the coils of the condenser and evaporator. Also, clean the aircon filters every few months (depending on how often you travel).

 Step #2. Know the safety precautions

 Before you start cleaning your caravan aircon unit, you need to follow a few simple safety checks. First, make sure the power supply is off – you can even unplug the unit from the power source just to be sure. Use a plastic sheet to cover the aircon vents that open into your caravan’s interior. And make sure your caravan roof is strong enough to take your weight when you need to access the coils.

Step #3. Clean the coils

The good news is most units are similar in function and design, so these steps should work for every unit. To clean the coils, first, remove the protective cover over the caravan aircon unit on the roof. You should now be able to see the evaporator and condenser coils, as well as any dust, dirt and debris.

Apply your chosen air-conditioning coil cleaning solution as per the instructions, and let it sit for around 20 minutes. Cover any wiring and electrical components with plastic sheets or bags, before gently hosing down the coils to remove debris and leaves. Use a wet/dry vacuum to soak up any moisture, before finishing the drying process with a fan and replacing the cover.

Step #4. Clean the fan motor

Remove the protective cover to expose the fan blades. If you can see the blades have collected lots of dirt, apply a cleaning product as per the instructions. As with the coils, dry the blades fully. Then lubricate the motor using a few drops of oil. This can extend the life of the motor and overall performance of the unit.