Getting the most out of your Fridge

Whether you are using a 3-way Gas Fridge or a 12 Volt Compressor Fridge, a large 200L Fridge or a small 40L Portable Fridge – everyone always asks, how can the best efficiency from your fridge be achieved?

Here are our tips for getting the most out of your fridge:

  • Cool Early
    • We know how frantic things can be before you head off on a road trip or leave the dock. A couple of days before you head away, turn your fridge on either using mains power at home or power on the dock. This will give your fridge ample time to cool down and maintain a constant temperature. If at all possible place pre-chilled/frozen food and drinks into your fridge.
  • Make Space
    • It can be tempting to fill your fridge with as much as you can fit, but this actually stops your fridge from working efficiently. The more stuff filling your fridge, the less the air can circulate and cool your food. Note you don’t want to leave too much space in your fridge as this is just extra air for your fridge to cool. Not to much and not to little
  • Get a Fridge Fan
    • Fitting a fan behind your fridge will help with circulation around the cooling unit and help the hot air escape faster
  • Keep the air vents free
    • Air vents are the only way that hot air can leave your fridge cavity. Making sure nothing is obstructing this and they are kept clean of dust and debris.
  • Keep your fridge clean
    • If you are using a 3-way Gas Fridge, you should regularly check the burner. Any dust and debris that may be blocking your burner will affect the operation of your fridge.