Benefits of a 3-way Gas Fridge

Many people living off the grid choose a 3-way Gas Fridge. The reason is simple, they offer maximum convenience as they can run off multiple power sources.

Here are our six top reasons to choose a 3-way Gas Fridge:

  1. Runs for weeks on one bottle of gas – bottled gas is a very efficient way to power your fridge. A 9kg gas bottle can last up to a month depending on the size of your fridge.

  2. Runs off 240V when mains power is not available.

  3. Runs off 12V when driving in a vehicle – just remember to switch it to gas or 240V after driving so your fridge doesn’t drain your battery.

  4. Super Quiet – because a 3-way gas fridge does not have a compressor, it does not have any moving parts and is nearly silent.

  5. Low maintenance – due to their being no moving parts, they also require very little maintenance.

  6. Long life span – a 3-way gas fridge can last up to twice as long as a compressor fridge as they have less parts to go wrong.


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