3-way Gas Fridge Troubleshooting

Got a problem with your fridge, here we cover some of the most common problems and their quick remedy.

Temperature Problems:

Is your freezer getting cold but not your fridge? This is because not enough liquid ammonia is being produced. The freezer gets the refrigerant first and what is left over goes to the fridge.

There are a couple of things that could be causing this. You want to check that the fridge is level and that there is sufficient ventilation. If neither of these solutions help to solve the problem, your cooling unit could be beginning to fail.

Gas Problems:

Your 3-way fridge is not like your fridge at home, in that it requires the small burner at the back to be constantly running for your fridge to get cold inside. What it means if the burner goes out?

There are a couple of reasons that could cause this. Your fridge will have a thermocouple (flame failure safety device), this is used to sense the flame and prevent a gas leak. If your thermocouple fails it will cause the gas to shut off, meaning you have no flame.

If replacing the thermocouple does not fix the issue, there may be debris in the burner blocking it, this will prevent the flame from staying lit. The burner will need to be pulled apart and blown out with compressed air. This should be done by a registered gas fitter or a service centre.

Power Problems:

Are you struggling to get sufficient power? You can do these quick checks:

  • Is the fridge door sealed properly?
  • Is the fridge positioned to close to a heat source?
  • Is the fridge ventilated correctly?
  • Is there too much food or drink in the fridge?

Noise Problems:

Excessive noise coming from your fridge? Check that the fridge is level. Look to see if there are any objects vibrating against the body of the fridge

General Problems:

Is the cooling unit leaking? There are two ways to check, first you might notice the smell of ammonia, and second when you access the cooling unit you may notice it is covered in a yellow residue. You will need to call your local service centre if your cooling unit has leaked.