Your water re-cycling questions answered here

Your water re-cycling questions answered here


It’s something the off-grid community is big on.

Especially when it comes to water conservation.

And today we want to share with you a helpful article about re-using your greywater.

In case you’re not quite familiar with this term, greywater is the water from your kitchen, bathroom sink, shower, washing machine etc.

And with filtering and treatment, grey water can be re-used on your lawn, your garden, or even for flushing your toilet. 

Doing this can help conserve your own freshwater supplies. And reduce your reliance on the main water supply system. Plus, give you more water to use on your garden during dry spells, when there are often tight restrictions on mains water use.

And this short and easy-to-read article gives you answers to questions like:

• The things grey water can and can’t be used for.

• The dos and don’ts when setting up and using a wastewater system.

• How to look after and maintain your wastewater system.

• Whether or not you need a building or resource consent to re-use greywater.

If you’re doing your research to get general information BEFORE you set up a grey water system, this article is a great starting point.

For full attribution: it comes from smarter homes/MBIE - so it’s completely independent, general advice.

And while it’s not a “sexy” or exciting topic…the information in this article is need-to-know, so we encourage you to take a spare couple of minutes to check it out.


Talk again soon.

Jacob and Sam


P.S. If you have already done your research into what you can and can’t do with your greywater, and you are now looking for storage and treatments options, head on over here to explore your options.

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