What would you add to this list?

What would you add to this list?

Most of us choose the off-grid lifestyle for one, or both, of these two reasons:

One: the price of real estate has, literally, gone through the roof. To buy a house you need two people on big salaries. Or the bank of Mum and Dad. Or an inheritance. Or a lotto win.

Two: we want to live more sustainably and put less strain on the planet’s resources.

But whatever your reason for getting into it, the off-grid lifestyle can bring many benefits. 

And here are six of the biggest ones we can think of:


# 1. You (probably) don’t have to service a huge mortgage

By buying, leasing, or renting land (often out of town) and living in a tiny house, you incur less debt upfront than if you buy a “regular” house. It’s a case of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars vs. hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.


# 2. Lower living expenses

By using solar power, capturing and re-cycling water, and growing your own food, your daily living expenses should fall. 

Sure, you need to invest in these systems up-front, but over time your day-to-day expenses should go down. Meaning you can work fewer hours and enjoy more spare time if you wish.


# 3. Putting more money aside / having more cash on hand

On the other hand, if you have reduced your living expenses but choose to work the same hours…simple maths says you will likely end up with more cash in your pocket.

Furthermore, by living in a semi-rural or rural area there are fewer temptations – like fashion stores, gadget shops, and restaurants – right under your nose.


# 4. The satisfaction of working towards a goal

Having a goal or mission has been shown to give people a sense of purpose and be good for their mental health. 

Combine this with being more connected to nature and living off the grid can aid people’s overall mood and sense of well-being.


# 5. Sharpening your DIY and survival skills

Living off the grid can give you REAL skills for the REAL world. 

You will find out how to build and design things. And how things work.

Plus, pick up a bunch of handyman or woman and DIY skills along the way.


# 6. Meet new people - and make new friends

Nowadays, the off grid living community is made up of people of all ages and life stages.

By joining online forums and communities, and attending events like the Tiny House Expo and Conference, you will get plenty of ideas and inspiration. Plus, get the chance to make a whole new group of friends along the way.


And that’s our top six reasons for living off the grid.

But what do you think of our list?

Have we left anything out?

We’d love to know your thoughts.

So, while you’re reading this blog why not add a comment below and let us know what you think.


Talk again soon.

Jacob and Sam



If these six reasons sound good to you, and you’re ready to go deeper into the off-grid lifestyle, you’ll find everything you need right here.

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