What is the Tiny House Movement?

What is the Tiny House Movement?

What is the Tiny House Movement?

In the case of the tiny house movement, less is more. But for some, having less stuff and space has given them the freedom to live their best lives.

Over the last five years, living smaller is becoming an increasingly popular option for Kiwis across New Zealand. But why are people opting for this cosy lifestyle? For some, it reflects a trending shift towards wanting to live minimally, reducing waste and enjoying a clutter-less life. For others, it’s an answer to the housing crisis affecting large cities across New Zealand. Realistically, it could be their only chance to step onto the property ladder, tiny homes are changing what it means for people to own a home.

So, what makes a tiny home, tiny?

As a rule of thumb, a tiny home is generally less than 50m2. There are several different types of tiny homes, ranging from converted shipping containers, kitset, bespoke designs or more commonly trailer homes AKA tiny houses of wheels. However, homes built on the back of a trailer are often 15m2 or below, due to trailer and road code restrictions. Those living the lifestyle are advocating for the big benefits of living small. A tiny home can mean reduced living costs for electricity, water and heating. There’s also less cleaning, less decorating and less ongoing maintenance. Trailer based homes also have the benefit of being mobile, an attractive option for those really looking for freedom to move.

Practical Considerations

While the thought of living in tiny homes becomes more popular in New Zealand, if you’re seriously considering embracing the lifestyle, it’s important to consult your local council during your planning process. There are a few grey areas in building tiny homes, with no definitive guidelines and regulations in place in a one size fits all capacity, it’s all on a case by case basis. The council rules can differ depending on location, size and structure of your tiny home, so it’s important to do your research.

After some inspiration?

As the tiny home revolution continues, the number of building companies specialising in tiny home builds is also increasing. There’s a close-knit community of tiny home dwellers across social media, sharing their experiences and giving tips and inspiration from around the world. Check out our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for some great inspiration, as we try to bring you the latest and greatest ideas and concepts from around the world!

Top tip: If you want to test the waters of tiny living, how about a trial run in your own home? Try marking out a small space that fits a portion of your kitchen, bathroom and living room and see how you go living within the area for 24 hours. For a true experience, there are a few tiny accommodation homes available to book across New Zealand and a perfect way to immerse yourself in the lifestyle, plus enjoy an escape from the 9-5 at the same time.

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