One way to keep the power in YOUR hands

One way to keep the power in YOUR hands

In a slight change, today’s email isn’t just for “us” (members of the off the grid community).

It’s also for family and friends who live ON the grid.

And it was prompted by recent news headlines like this:

“Power prices to jump up to $ 1000 a year for some users – Powerswitch”

Consumer NZ’s Powerswitch has been crunching the numbers and says it has found some power users will be facing price hikes of up to $ 1000 a year.

(On Radio New Zealand’s website).

And this:

“Scrapping low use power plans will see many paying more for electricity”

At least 40 percent of Kiwi households are likely to see a jump in their power bills next month as the industry does away with low-use plans.

(On Consumer New Zealand’s website)

For people who live on the grid, this may mean solar pays for itself sooner.

For those of us who live off the grid, it’s a reminder that - once our systems are set up - solar leaves us LESS vulnerable to other peoples’ whims, decisions, costs, and price hikes.

And if now’s the time for you to explore solar in more detail, you will find some seriously useful information on our website’s FAQ page


For example:

• How to calculate which size solar kit is ideal for you.

• Whether or not you can add extra panels to your system – and what this depends on.

• The number one thing to be aware of when adding more batteries to a solar kit.

• The two times when you’re better off using another (non-solar) power source!

• How to calculate the amount of power your solar system can generate.


Along with:

• The best solar panel option for someone on a tight budget.

• Which type of solar controller is best for certain set ups and situations.

• The perfect “set and forget” solar panel option.

• And more…

Our FAQs series also covers batteries, generators, refrigeration, plumbing, motorhomes, and tiny houses on wheels. With more topics to come over the next few months.

But for today, if these headlines have grabbed your attention, go here for a treasure trove of solar system information.


Talk again soon.

Jacob and Sam



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So, when you are ready to put the power back in your hands head on over here.

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