How an afterthought saved Wally from (almost) certain death

How an afterthought saved Wally from (almost) certain death

As he drained the water from the tank a chill ran down Wally’s spine.

Because, on another day, this water could have meant certain death. 

But not today.

Luckily for Wally…just as he was about to power up his plane’s engine and take off… he remembered he hadn’t done his pre-flight checklist!

Luckier still, when he found out he had forgotten to drain one of the fuel tanks, he acted.

Because in all the time he had owned the plane, he had never had a problem with this tank. 

But not this time. This time, it turned out a gasket had failed…letting rain into the tank.

Had Wally taken off, his plane’s engine would have run just long enough to get him over the trees and rocks at the end of the runway… before it would have started swallowing water and cutting out. Leaving Wally to be an air-crash statistic.

Instead, a simple checklist had (probably) saved his life. 

But pilots aren’t the only ones who can benefit from checklists.

When it comes to off grid living, checklists have their place too. Especially when it comes to the larger appliances and equipment we use.

And on our website, you will find a checklist for - and answers to common questions about – one of the most important pieces of off grid equipment of all: generators. 

This information includes:

• A pre-operation inspection checklist.

• What not to do when refuelling your generator.

• How often you should change your generator’s oil.

• Whether or not you can charge batteries with a generator.

• The best type of generator to use to power sensitive gadgets and smart devices.

• PLUS, where to NEVER operate your generator - a potentially lifesaving tip. 

If your generator has been in storage for a while, or you’ve just bought a new one, you can go through this “pre-flight” check list right here.

It’s just one of many helpful pieces of information in the FAQs section of our website.

We hope you find it helpful - and that it keeps you out of trouble.


Talk again soon.

Jacob and Sam



If your current generator is on its last legs, or you need to power up, you will find plenty of great options here.

We stock leading brands and either personally use or “vet” all the products we stock.

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