A treasure trove of off grid and tiny house knowledge

A treasure trove of off grid and tiny house knowledge

The recent Tiny House Expo and Conference was a roaring success.

10,000 + people came through the doors.

Dozens of design, building and product experts freely shared their advice.

Tiny house fans got to mix with tiny house fans.

And our fast-growing community had a rare chance to meet in one place at one time.

We all absolutely loved it.

But there were two small problems…

One: not everyone who wanted to be there could be there.

And two: for some who attended, there were so many people to talk to and things to see, it wasn’t always possible to take everything in at once.

As a result, not everyone was able to get answers to all their most pressing questions.

If either of these things happened to you (or even if they didn’t) help is at hand.

By visiting the FAQs section of our website, you will find answers to questions about:

Solar power





Motor homes

• Plus, Tiny Homes on Wheels

With more FAQs about off grid topics to come in the next few months.

Whether you are setting up your off grid or tiny house lifestyle from scratch, or you want to double-check your existing set up, we encourage you to take a look at the information that’s there.

It truly is a treasure trove of off grid and tiny house information.

So, why not check it out today?


Talk again soon.

Jacob and Sam



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