Sonnenschein has been producing batteries since Adam was a pup and shouldn't be confused with the German home battery company, Sonnen. The Sonnenschein name translated simply means "sunshine". It was founded back in 1910 in Berlin and was acquired by Exide in 1996. One of its claims to fame was the patenting of gel-cell lead acid batteries over 60 years ago. Known for their robustness, Sonnenschein batteries are mainly used in Australia in off-grid applications. However, there is a residential grid-connect battery called the @ Home Lithium

Sonnenschein A600 solar batteries are premium quality batteries developed for when cycling is required.  With extraordinary energy-saving features and robust ability, they have proven their reliability in installations all over the world.

The Sonnenschein Solar Bloc battery range is powerful and reliable in rough application conditions. As well as for use in private areas like holiday and weekend houses with more consumer terminals, this range is the ideal energy source for medium industrial solar systems, small solar and wind power stations, offshore buoys, yachts and measuring stations as well as for other safety equipment power supplies.